People and Trees

    It takes communities to raise trees!  

      Benefits of Trees      Resources for Trees 

          Our immediate task is to inform communities  
       in Orange County and all of Southern California  
       about the benefits of having more trees around  
       and resources for planting and supporting trees.  
       Information is added on this website weekly.  
        Contact: (949) 856-9926 

   Benefits of Trees for People                                ↑top

 Trees provide shade on hot sunny days - 
  - for walking - in parks, on streets, hiking trails; 
  - for children playing - on playgrounds, school yards; 
  - for homes and office buildings - saving energy for cooling 

 Trees hold water in the ground - preventing rainfall runoff overflow; 
                                              - decreasing need for watering lawns 

 Trees clean air in cities - absorb gas emissions, adsorb particle pollutants

 Trees help emotional well-being - releive stress, connect with nature

 Trees absorb CO2 - can help prevent extreme global warming


   Resources for Raising Trees                               ↑top  

 ShadeTree Nursery, Irvine, CA
 - giving out trees for planting in public spaces

 Tree Selection Guide by Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute at CPSU 
 - choosing right trees for each planting area